San Francisco Low Light

Day Forty. Zipped back on up to San Francisco to do some low light shooting to really see what f/1.4 was really capable of. All of these shots are hand held. The night time shots probably would have come out better if the D70 could go down to ISO50 and if I were using a tripod and a thick ND filter, but it can't (it bottoms out at ISO200) and I wasn't (because I don't like carrying it and I don't own one, respectively). Despite all that, I'm truly amazed by what I was still able to capture. If this is what crappy low light performance looks like, what's the D800 going to be capable of? To (for now) finish off the saga of experimental post-processing techniques, DxO caused me to lose a shot (improper file handling resulting in the loss of the original and exported file is simply unacceptable), so it's all Lightroom all the time. I'd say this was a stellar way to kick of the new year :)

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