Nara Deer

Day Three Hundred and Fourteen. Did you know that Nara has the friendliest deer on Earth? Did you know that statement only remains true as long as you're feeding them cookies? Did you know that they'll headbutt you right in the butt if you turn your back on them instead of feeding them a cookie? Well yeah ... feeding the deer in Nara is fun ... just be careful. They are still technically wild animals and will display food aggression if you don't keep handing out the cookies. You've been warned, haha.

On the editing side of things ... in case you hadn't heard, Lightroom has introduced AI masking. At first pass, it's great. After working with it more ... it has some pretty noticeable limitations. In particular, pay close attention to the edges of the deer in image 12. The AI isn't anywhere near good enough at selecting the edges of fur to do the kind of editing I tried to do (brightening the subject and darkening the background). The deer ends up looking like a cardboard cutout. So, yeah, fun to play with and great for fast editing, but still very far away from one-click fine-art-grade masking.

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