Return to Garrapata State Park

Day Forty Six. Finally made it back to Garrapata State Park to cover the inland side of the park. It was about a seven mile loop that started in the valley, then went up quickly to a ridge line, and back down just as fast as it had gone up. The entire loop was stunningly beautiful. I don't know the name of the little purple flowers, but it took enormous amounts of self control not to take a couple pictures of every single bush that had them ... which were usually only a few feet from each other. On the ridge line, I ran into an unidentified plant that looked like it was wrapped in cotton and had a couple lady bugs crawling around on it. I probably spent 15 minutes trying to fully capture its details. Have I mentioned that I need a proper macro lens? For as much as the curvy trees amuse me, this plant was really cool. I've definitely never seen anything like it before.

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