Return to Pinnacles National Monument Part Deux

Day Forty Eight. After finishing my last final, decided on a whim to visit my favourite park, Pinnacles National Monument! Started on the western side instead of driving around to the eastern side this time. Instead of trying to cover the entire park in a day again, I diverged from the main trail and did some exploring. I'm glad I did so. I found a tonne of cool perspectives that you'd never see if you stuck to the main trail. There are a couple of prize shots this set. The "new growth" pictures came out so well, they look (to me) like they were shot in a studio. Then, about half way through, I went into the caves again and discovered a waterfall towards the end (it was bone dry the last time I went through!). The only light in the picture came from the headlamp I was wearing. I'm pretty amazed it came out :)

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