Pacific Grove Revisited

Day Fifty Four. Took the shiny new D800 on its first real photo shoot. Went down to the coast (which sounds really far, but it's only a mile and a half from here), which is stunningly beautiful. Didn't bother going over to Lover's Point Park this time since it was crawling with people. Instead, started farther down the coast and was amazed at how much I missed the first time I walked around. There's a natural arch in one of the big rocks in the water! How I missed that before, I'll never know. So, naturally, I took a ton of pictures of it. Amusingly enough though, I like the first two I got of it better than all the rest. I once again discovered though, that it doesn't matter how expensive the camera is ... off-axis shots still look funny. Some of my "I can't hold a camera straight" shots were easily correctable in post, but a couple couldn't be fixed without loosing meaning :-/ ... I have found out that I can turn on an in-viewfinder gyroscope, but I don't know that it's sensitive enough to correct me. Most of my off-axis shots were off axis by less than two degrees, but when you're doing wide angle stuff, two degrees is a lot. Maybe I should get a nice tripod ... maybe ;)

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