Pacific Grove & Monterey Nighttime Long Exposure

Day Fifty Nine. Went down to the coast to do some nighttime long exposure work. Started off in the ever lovely Lover's Point Park. It was darker than I had expected it to be, but I took the shots anyways. Even at 30 seconds, the shots were coming out mostly black. I was able to pull some of the colour out in post, but I probably should have shot several minutes in bulb mode. Also got some very unexpected (and horrifically ugly) lens flare in a couple of them. I never thought a hood would be necessary at night, but I think it would have prevented some of the flaring ... that is purely in theory though and stands to be tested. Then went over to Cannery Row and got a few more cool shots. Got a really sweet "headlight streak" shot from a very surprised driver who gave me the dirtiest look I could imagine for being in the other lane of the road taking pictures at night :) Ended up a Breakwater Cove and once again discovered that doing long exposures of boats in the water produce questionable results. I'm still really note sure what I think of them ... comments appreciated.

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