San Jose Zoo & Japanese Friendship Garden

Day Fifty Eight. In lieu of going on an actual safari, made the trip up to San Jose to visit the zoo. In one sense, I had extremely high expectations, since the only other zoo I'd been to was the National Zoo in DC. In the other, I had come to realize that in comparison to other National $whatever's the local fare generally didn't live up, so I attempted to temper my expectations ... the zoo was smaller than expected and was more amusement park than actual zoo, but it was still cool to see (and in some cases meet) the animals. Not sure I'd go back, but it was definitely worth going once. If I ever do go on a real safari, I'm going to need a much longer lens. 300mm just won't get close enough to wildlife I don't want to be lunch for. I'll also be bottoming out the ISO and leaving it there. While I appreciate the D800's high ISO abilities allowing me to capture images that would have been pure handshake on the D70, the loss of colour depth is really painful once you know what to look for.

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