Fisherman's Wharf Daylight & Long Exposure

Day Fifty Seven. Went back down to the Wharf, this time bringing along my trusty tripod so I could so low ISO long exposures once the sun went down. Ran into some exotic birds (and a few not so exotic ones) and got some cool shallow depth of field shots. The real magic of the shoot came when the sun went down though. I discovered that no matter how stationary docked sailboats look, during a 30 second exposure, they're going to move ... it's not camera shake, it's not blur, it's just that the boats are ... well ... sitting in water ... and prone to move. I'm not sure if I really like the look, since you have to look really closely to realize that that's what's going on. If you just take a quick glance, it looks like the boats are blurry, but I don't really know if there's anything to be done about that. If you want the water to smooth out, you have to do a long exposure. If you want the boats stationary, you have to do a short exposure. I'm not seeing a whole lot of middle ground there. If you ignore all that though, the shots across the bay look absolutely amazing :)

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