Pacific Grove Revisited Part Deux

Day Sixty One. Took the tripod back down to the Pacific Grove coast to do some long more long exposure work. Of course, the trouble of setting up and breaking it down constantly meant that most of the shots were normal hand held shots ... but I still think I managed to get a few cool shots in. The couple of long exposure shots I did do I took multiple exposures of in the hopes being able to capture different feelings in the different points in time ... which I absolutely felt while I was doing it and when reviewing them in the field. Now that I'm back, looking at them in post, I'm struck by the notion that they all look "the same" and I have absolutely not means for picking between them (so you'll have to excuse me for gratuitously uploading all of them). The colour shift of the ND filter reared its ugly head again. I was mostly able to remove it from the wider shot, but it proved to be rather persistent in the closer in shots of the waves rolling through the natural arch. Taking another long look at the set, I'm wondering if maybe the closer in exposures are too long. They're either 10 of 15 seconds each and the water is completely smoothed out. While that looks nice in the wider shots, I'm wondering if maybe a shorter exposure showing more (but still fluid) motion wouldn't be better. I guess I'll just have to go down there again and try it out :)

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