Audi Quattro Cup

Day Seventy Seven. Scooted on down to Pebble Beach to sidle up next to the pretty ladies Audi brought with them for their Quattro Cup, and boy were they everything I was expecting and so much more! I had no idea the RS5 and TTS even existed, let alone how beautiful they were. The only thing that was really missing was an R8. I did the entire shoot with my new shiny macro lens, wide open to maximize detail with a super shallow depth of field. The images came out stunningly, but holy-chromatic-aberration Batman! I know that fast primes are prone to chromatic aberration when shot wide open, but the excessive amount of chrome in each picture really accentuated that problem. It took a lot of heavy handed correction in post to remove even a majority of the purple and green fringing. The only downside to the entire event was that no one had been kind enough to leave a set of keys lying around :)

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