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Don't Stop - Protips | Rick Battle Photography

Don't Stop

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or on the A-list. If you’re not actively engaged in doing something to get people’s attention, you’re being forgotten. Especially in today’s constant state of information overload, people have an ever-shortening attention span. The mantra of "Post every day" is the minimum.

I was recently afforded the opportunity to be completely cut off from the internet for two weeks. I figured traffic would drop off, but I didn’t realize just how drastic it would be. When I stopped posting on Instagram, I went from gaining ~1,500 followers per week to 0. With no posts on Reddit, Imgur, Instagram, Facebook, or Google+, I went from ~200 unique website visitors per day to 0. Traffic completely flat lined. It was like I just stopped existing. The effect was immediate. There was no cool down period where traffic dropped off slowly. The day I left the internet was the day the internet forgot I existed.

Your goal is to capture the hearts of your followers and turn them into true fans. This is a never ending fight. Don’t just post every day, post something amazing everyday!

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