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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable - Protips | Rick Battle Photography

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Capturing astounding photographs is rarely a comfortable endeavor. An unfortunate fact, I know, but one that you'd better accept if you hope to be anything other than average. As others are packing up to go get a nice warm supper, you need to be settling in for the long haul. Every single time I've gone out to do sunset and nighttime work with a group, invariably someone wasn't as committed to the task as they needed to be, and asks when we're going to be heading home. Just remember, your discomfort is temporary, but your photograph will last a lifetime. Nighttime shots are long and cold. Unique vantage points of sprawling vistas require rough hiking. Your gear is heavy. Your shoes are never as comfortable as you'd thought they were. The hike back is always twice as long as the hike out. There are millions of reasons why you shouldn't put yourself through the pain, and only one for why you should. You must decide your own level of commitment, but getting the shot requires being there, and getting there (and back) is rarely easy. But, after all the pain and suffering, when you have the shot everyone else decided wasn't worth it, then you stand alone. It absolutely was worth it. And, it'll be easier next time. Going just a little further, staying out just a little while longer, to get the shot that no one else was willing to, in the end, the effort was all truly and completely worth it.

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