Pfeiffer Beach Through Sunset

Day One Hundred and Twenty. Drove down the legendary Highway 1, hitting a few of the fun spots in Big Sur before landing at Pfeiffer Beach for sunset. I experimented some more with the fisheye and broke out the ND filter to do a lot of daytime long exposure work. After scurrying up the little embankment behind the beach, I shot a short time lapse of the stars over the beach. Given how well it turned out (if I may say so myself), I (as always) wish I'd shot longer, but there were just too many other neat angles to explore down on the beach itself (and I don't have a second body with which to play with while the time lapse is shooting (so, if anyone wants to throw a couple grand at me, it'd be greatly appreciated ;) )). I also experimented a bit more in post. Hope you don't hate split toning, or, at least, if you do, you can still manage to enjoy the rest of the set :)

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