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Day Forty Two. I'VE PRE-ORDERED A D800! W O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O ... *long breath in* ... *highly satisfied sigh* ... To go along with my D800 pre-order I picked up the 28-300mm FX zoom lens. In the same spirit as my first shoot with the 50mm, I walked around the house with the ISO cranked up, just to see what kind of reach the thing had. At 300mm the lens can only open to f/5.6, but with the Vibration Reduction the lens is equipped with, that's not a problem! About half way through the indoor portion of the shoot, I remembered that I'd wanted to play with RAW shooting and switched the D70 into RAW mode. HO-LY CRAP, RAW! I will never NEVER NEVER shoot jpeg again. Even with the ISO maxed out, in RAW, with only the minimalist of noise reduction, ALL of the noise went away ... ALL OF IT! ... I feel like I'm yelling a lot in this post ... I should probably calm down, but I'm so freaking stoked about everything, I just can't contain myself! ... Shortly after my wanderings took me in to the kitchen, I remembered that I had a front yard, and just my luck, it had just finished lightly raining. Everything was covered in small droplets of water, which my shiny new 28-300 captured perfectly! Just as I started to get cold (who puts a jacket on when they're that excited about their new lens?) I heard a crow and suddenly became determined to shoot it. I had a 300mm lens, I could shoot anything ... assuming I could find it ... after a bit of hunting, I found the bugger at the top of my neighbours 50 foot tall tree. At that distance, he didn't exactly fill the frame, but I'm still quite happy with how close I was able to get :) ... Now that I've calmed down a bit ... the real advantage of RAW shooting (aside from the noise reduction) is the post hoc ability to lower highlights and raise shadows non-destructively. The last seven images (the two tree shots and five crow shots) would have been complete rubbish had they been rendered as jpegs in camera. The sky was completely washed out and the subject was solid black, but when I got them in to Lightroom, I was able to draw the colours right out of them. No weird techno-wizardry ... just two sliders later and I had completely recovered the images :) ... Have I mentioned that I've pre-ordered the D800?!!! :)

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