Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park Long Exposure

Day Forty Three. Took my shiny new 28-300mm lens down to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park with my tripod and borrowed a few ND filters to do some long exposure work. There's an entire back half to this park that I completely missed the last time I was here. The creek that feeds the big waterfall on the coastal side is comprised of a ton of little waterfalls (each of which I simply had to stop at and attempt to capture). I found out the battery was dead on my remote shutter release, so I ended up throwing a bunch of shots away do to shutter press shake :-/ ... but the ones that came out are pretty awesome. The D70 bottoms out at ISO200, so the first half of exposures aren't as long as I would have liked (this problem solved itself by the time I made it out to the big falls, as the sun had begun to set). As to the falls themselves, despite my usual approach of getting as close as possible to my subject and opening the f-stop as wide as it will go, this approach is simply wrong for water falls. Water falls require context and a deep depth of field (basically the exact opposite of my aforementioned typical shooting style), so there was definitely a lot of learning going on. When I did make it out to the big falls, I ended up doing a study of 30 second long exposures, so please excuse the numerous "duplicate" shots, but along those lines, please do tell me which is your favourite. I personally love the "ghost rock" shots. I can't wait to see what kind of long exposure stuff I can do with the D800 (ISO50!) :)

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