Rip Van Winkle Open Space & The Links at Spanish Bay

Day Forty Four. Took a stroll down to the beach via the Rip Van Winkle Open Space and The Links at Spanish Bay. I'm not entirely sure they appreciated how much traipsing around I did on their golf course, but it was fun anyways. This 28-300mm lens really is quite amazing. I'm really enjoying the added reach ... which is a problem. Because it's an FX lens, it's equivalent to a 42-450mm DX lens, but it'll "go back to" having the range that I'm used to when I finally strap it on to the D800 (28-300mm FX == 18-200mm DX) ... oh well ... I guess I'll just (eventually) have to break down and actually buy a real macro lens. On the way back I ran across a large flock of birds enjoying the sunset on the golf course. Now, while some people consider themselves to be avid bird watchers, I am more of an avid bird chaser. So, if you can stand a bit of motion blur, you'll greatly enjoy the second half of the set :).

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