Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden, San Diego Natural History Museum, Botanical Building and Lily Pond at Balboa Park

Day Eighty Three. Hopped the bus back over to Balboa Park. On the ride there, I had a very lovely conversation with a local about where I was heading (the original plan only included the Natural History and Art Museums). He suggested that I start off across the street in the rose garden, and boy did that recommendation pay off! My favourite one of the set is the last rose shot. I experimented a bit more with black and white in this set for the flora. In a lot of the cases, the real detail of the image could only be seen in black and white; the colour shifts were too subtle, hiding the beautiful details. I was surprised, but happy that they let my use my tripod in the Natural History Museum. It allowed me to shoot everything at ISO 50 without worrying about the lack of good lighting. Balboa Park is an absolutely awesome place and I'm glad I got to spend so much time there :)

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