Part I: The Fundamentals

This section is aimed squarely at the novice photographer. If you already know how changing ISO affects the final image, regularly perform the mental gymnastics required to get proper exposure, are ready to slap the next person that complains about your intentionally centered composition as they try to explain the rule of thirds, know what "wide open" means, know what a "stop" is, know that a stop is equal to three clicks, and shoot RAW, then please skip to Part II: Becoming an Artist. If that list left you with a blank stare and little hope for the future, fear not, for I'll do my best to explain in just a few pages what it takes others hundreds to go through: the basics of photography and their practical application so you can go out shooting instead of staying up late reading chapter after chapter of theory.

What's in this Section:
  1. Exposure
  2. Controlling Exposure
  3. A Stop of Light
  4. Three Clicks
  5. Semi-Automatic Modes
  6. ISO Adjustments
  7. Depth of Field
  8. Composition
  9. Raw vs. JPG
  10. White Balance
  11. Gear